Nolo Contendre

No conformity.
A souls against the current.
Waves toward the sea.
A pop-culture phenomena feeding of off non-vibes and defiance, strong.

Utter inspiration or unfettered imagination?

A procrastinated condemnation of Americas all-hyped obsession with the übermensch, a muscle-bound

Who wants the pale skinny intellect over dominant tanned ripping wet abs?

Adonis in the stars, a lost dream of minds.

Combing through the dirty laundry list if tawdry scandal labeled Headlines.

A maze of chaos? Lies! A web of myriad ties to what once wasn’t but should always want.

Suffocation. Bitter loneliness wrapped in self loathing, a deceptive masturbation of depreciated hesitation kept fervid and steaming through the night.


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