SUB-let the Future

The school board left us with a debt of endless lies.
They played the hardball card and took everyone’s rights.

Fast and loose with our sweet youth.
Never seeing the life they choose.
Though they were sent by the divine.
Not idealized, the one they read about one time.

They never knew the nightlife and how it shined
Took moral high ground and shut out all the light.

Rezoned the church to start a fight. Gerrymandered eyelash.
Mascara splints to hide the scars.
Never looking as they burned your cards.

Freedom. Sweet freedom.
Oh Freedom. Where have you gone?
Delirious. Serious heartbrake.
You won’t go, until it’s all gone.

Because of what is happening.
Because of your conviction.
Because you never found your hearts in the endless pitch of HOPE.


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