hung on a loophole

The carcass of a dead bug, being eaten by a thousand ants.
The sky…an endless void of possibility, while we have limitations in our mind and in our classrooms, the sky reminds me to never stop reaching for that next great idea, that next great lesson plan, that next concept that will reach a student in a way I had been previously unable to reach him or her before.

The sky is the limit, isn’t that what they say?
The divergent path. 
Another metaphor for possibility and endless choice. That there is never one right way, nor one any way, to do anything in this profession EXCEPT the right way, which is whatever way works for you and your students.
Did you see gains made?

Did your learning goals come to fruition? What does the, gag, data say was the effectiveness of your instruction?
The hanging rope…
not sure why this is here but it works for a first year teacher because it is very easy to overwhelm yourself to the point where you are literally going to burn out in 2-4 years. Do not take your work home, be not afraid to leave things at home, and do not think there is something you are going to be found negligent of by making time to have a life for yourself!
The slippery when wet sign…

Everything needs to be taken in stride. A big theme for me over the course of this year was learning to take things in stride. I may have hit on this before but learning to swim is key to being able to survive in the water, and if teaching is the water, then before you get to the deep end, the veteran portion of your career, you must learn to tread water first.